Emergency Relief (ER) Assistance

The Shelter provides financial or material assistance to people in financial crisis. Some clients can access ER to help them through a ‘one-off’ episode while for others ER becomes part of their solution to dealing with ongoing financial disadvantage. The aim of ER is to assist people experiencing financial crisis in a way that maintains dignity and encourages self-reliance.

Assistance usually comprises:

Financial Assistance

The provision of financial or material aid to meet an immediate need. This includes:

  1. Cash assistance
  2. Assistance with paying utility bills such as power, water, phone
  3. Food vouchers and food parcels, general grocery items eg. baby bottles, nappies
  4. Travel assistance - fuel vouchers, flights, bus tickets
  5. Interim accommodation – basic hotel/caravan park stay for brief period, occasional bond and rental assistance.
  6. Material goods such as clothing, bedding, household items, white goods, furniture.
  7. Pharmaceuticals, medical items

Information, Advocacy and Referrals

Information, advocacy and referrals that may help to resolve the underlying problems experienced by the client – for example a referral to a financial counsellor. This is not always possible and clients may choose not to take up the referral option.

What else is available through The Shelter?

  • In home, hands on, practical strategies and actions
  • Counselling
  • Advocacy with regard to health, housing, justice, Centrelink, education, utilities and other needs
  • General assistance (reading and interpreting letters, using lice treatments, treatment of sores)
  • Support in improving school attendance and educational outcomes
  • Access to training and employment
  • Assistance with maintaining houses and yards and preventing unwanted visitors
  • Transport – medical transfers
  • Assistance in accessing services and resources
  • Support with family finances
  • Any special needs – e.g. tutoring, motor skills, dietary information
  • Family wellness – mental health counselling, physical health, drug and alcohol counselling. Assistance with dealing with the death of a family members
  • Engagement in early childhood activities
  • Parenting education and skills
  • Compliance with payment of fines and court based work orders